set of 3

This set of 3 comes with 2 Bath Towel measuring (70 x 140cm with 500 GSM), 3 Hand Towels measuring (50 x 90cm with 500 GSM), and Wash Towel measuring (33 x 33cm with 500 GSM). These are medium-weight towels & are a good choice for a beach & a bathroom. Hang them on a rack or over a balcony, they’ll dry before you snap. The original Bamboo Cotton Luxury Towels bring plush & comfort to your life. The most suitable option as they are soft, breathable, cost-friendly, skin-friendly & quick-drying. Towels come with great responsibility to keep it clean, dry us off, and add beauty to our bathroom.

Our Bamboo Cotton Bath Towels resist germs & fungus, so it’s less likely to get nasty. Bamboo Cotton Bath Towels are one of a kind to the Earth as are made of original bamboo plant that grows in the coastal areas of Turkey. These towels are for years to come. We value your hard-earned money. We offer you towels for every budget & for every style. Akiko Home Store is a one-stop solution for you to live your dream. We deliver the varieties in towels. 

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