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Add luxury to your life choose our top pick Bamboo Cotton Towels. Experience yourself with a set of 6 it consists of 2 Bath Towels measuring (70 x 140 cm), 2 Wash Towels measuring (33 x 33cm), plus 2 Hand Towels measuring (50 x 90cm) with 500 GSM. Perfect set for personal usage as well as for gifting purposes. The fabric of these towels is super fine & soft. As these are woven in a loop shape, it has excellent water absorption ability. You don’t have to rub a towel repeatedly on your skin a slight touch & water just flies away. Our towels are as white & soft as ‘marshmallows’ a perfect set for kids as they are skin-friendly & light in weight.

Our Bamboo Cotton Luxurious Towels are a blend of nature and creativity that bring the utmost comfort or plush to your life. The Towels we are offering are Oeko-Tex certified, a company one can trust blindly. The bamboo plant grows like a weed, so, it has an eco-friendly halo, but turning it into fabric involves a lot of processing. Flaunt your bathroom with a Set of 6 Bamboo Cotton Luxury Towels among friends & family.

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