Welcome to Akiko Home Store where you find everything you need for your bathroom. Designs inspired & home creations. Let your body shine in your room with a luxury Bamboo Cotton Bath Towel. For post-shower or spa spend a pleasant time with your best friend, make the most of your bathroom with Bamboo Cotton Bath Towels that give it a luxurious look for everyone. The Washroom is where it comes all together. From Bamboo Cotton Bath Towels to Bamboo Cotton Wash Towels to Bamboo Cotton Bath mats, the design possibilities are endless. All it takes is 100% bamboo & cotton fibers used to make a winning combination.

       We give you the freedom to purchase the right choice of towel that suits your need the best. No worries, No wait, No fuss. We are the leading manufacturer of Bamboo Cotton Bath Towels for the last two decades. We’re not about offering thousands of towels. We are about offering selected, timeless towels to enhance the bathrooms & bring you a little smile when you walk past them in a bathroom. We want to give you towels that give a mother’s touch to make it feel pleasant at an affordable price. 

Your towel influences your lifestyle, our towel range is crafted in such a way as to assure luxury & peace. Choose from a variety of luxuries to regular towels that add liveliness to your bathroom closet. We have a wide range of Bamboo Cotton Towels for every use. Explore Bamboo Cotton Bath Towels with us to reinvent yourself. Our towels for the kitchen, dining, bathroom & wash basin give the feeling of royalty & class every day. Check today to experience the all-time freshness of Bamboo Cotton  Towels.

Our online store provides you with a truly beautiful & unique range of towels. With a rich history, where we use traditional methods of craftsmanship to create stunning collections. With an inspiring story at its heart, we pledge to create Bamboo Cotton  Towels of outstanding quality & style. As the name speaks for itself, each towel crafted under Home Store is made of 100% original bamboo fiber to create real quality towels. Beautiful & functional, you will see the use of lots of genuine materials within the crafted designs. Bamboo Cotton Bath Towels are something that keeps you away from infectious diseases & skin rashes, especially for people suffering from asthma & allergies. Our team uses purified & processed bamboo fiber to make all versatile Bamboo Cotton Towels.  

We care for your effort, time & money to make your bathroom “feel like a sauna or spa”. Every time they come out of the wash, they feel brand new. Success doesn’t come overnight, we at Akiko Home Store worked so hard to stand out in the crowd, we deliver high-quality & superior-performance towels. Delivering solutions for everything you need for your bathroom. Bamboo Cotton Bath Towel absorbs water immediately, you don’t have to wipe back & forth. We guarantee that our Bamboo Cotton Towel will never use a harmful substance like fluorescent dyes. Much like saying “The beauty lies in the details” Towels are an integral part of the bathroom or kitchen. With the perfect choice of Bamboo Cotton Bath Towel, you can feel refreshed.


Bamboo Cotton Bath Towels are unique & bold in style, design & finish. What makes Bamboo Cotton Towels stand out? What makes Bamboo Cotton Towels best in the market? Would like to present aspects to prove:-


  • 100% Bamboo & Cotton fibers are hand-picked from the original bamboo plant that grows without insecticides & pesticides.
  • Due to its anti-microbial property which makes it highly absorbent & quick-drying.
  • Can consider the weight of the fabric used. Fabric weight measured with 500 GSM, can say a good quality towel range.


  • Bamboo Cotton Bath Towels are available in multi colors to match every bathroom style.
  • Neatly folded & secure stitching which shows the sign of good quality craftsmanship.
  • Lab tested that says highly durable & color-resistant for years to come.


  • On each towel, check on the label for washing instructions given.
  • Helps to keep your towel with you for years to come
  • Easy to maintain as machine washable


  • Our range of products is made to ethical standards for environmental & social production
  • At, Akiko Home Store, we make the best Bamboo Cotton Hand Towel in India for washbasins with an unmatched warranty


  • We ensure round-the-clock customer service for order tracking & delivery at the right time.
  • Keeping in mind your budget & fabric requirements, you can connect with our experts for finding the right fabric towels that suit your skin the most.


Bamboo cotton Bath Towel

You might want to buy a set of towels with a bath sheet for your personal or guest bedroom. Our professionals help you to choose the right set of towels for your family & friends. You need something quick-drying for your personal use. But not sure which set to buy.

  • Set of 6 including – 2 Bath Towel measures (70 x 140cm) + 2 Wash towel measures (33 x 33cm)+ 2 Hand Towel measures (50 x 90cm), perfect set for a family
  • Set of 5 including – 2 Bath Sheets measures (85 x 170cm) + 3 Bath Towels measures (70 x 140cm) + 4 Hand Towel measures (50 x 90cm) + 5 Wash Towel measures (33 x 33cm) + Bath Mat measures (90 x 60cm), perfect set for hotel
  • Set of 3 includes – 2 Bath Towel measures (70 x 140cm) + 3 Hand Towel measures (50 x 90cm) + Wash Towel measures (33 x 33cm), perfect for guest bedroom
  • This will help you to choose the right set for your use. 


Akiko Home Store hosts a wide range of luxury to regular towels. The in-house, design team integrates luxurious designs in its approach & helps produce 10k Bamboo Cotton Towels every day. It takes many hands to craft the finest Bamboo Cotton Bath Towels for the manufacturing process, and all are committed to following health & safety standard protocols. Demand quality not only in the product you buy but the lives of the people who made it. Our production unit is well equipped with new technology machines & equipment.

Reputed designers conceptualize & create a collection of towels for bathrooms. Our production units ensure the highest quality & regulatory standards. Our passion for perfection reflects in our warranty on Bamboo Cotton Bath Towels. These towels are a constant favorite among thousands of customers owing to their affordability without compromising on design. Our  Towels come in a variety of colors & sizes. We ensure that your wash-basin suit the towel design you have in mind. We pledge to provide a quality product at a reasonable price. If you come in, we will give you a reason to come back. Choosing towels with Akiko Home Store with a closed eye is never to be regretful.

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